TEC ART Rotterdam 2018

festival for creative technology: fun + play + create


FUTUREFLASH 200: From Frankenstein to Hyperbrain


Feb 7-11: WORM + V2_ + Witte de Withkwartier Public Space


‘FUTURE FLASH 200: From Frankenstein to Hyperbrain’ is the theme of the 5th edition of TEC ART. From Feb 7-11, during Art Rotterdam Week, TEC ART looks into the future during 4 long days and nights. With exhibitions, symposiums, talks, tec-music, experiments and parties at the cutting edge of art and technology. The festival takes place at 3 locations: WORM, V2_Lab for the Unstable Media and the public space around the Boomgaardsstraat (sidestreet Witte de Withstraat)

During TEC ART, WORM en V2_ are connected for the public by a corridor, offering an interactive antropocene playground. All spaces are filled with installations, robotics, Artificial Intelligence en virtual realities. Experience the works of Floris Kaayk, Frederik de Wilde, Maartje Dijkstra, Angelo Vermeulen, Daniela de Paulis, Joris Strijbos, Daan Johan and others.

Furthermore, there are showcases of 25 talented ‘born digitals’; in 2017 graduated artists, from (the) leading Dutch art academies, in the field of creative technology.


Exhibitions Witte de With-kwartier

During TEC ART 2017 a 7m replica of the moon was presented in the Boomgaardsstraat. For this edition the public space will be further extended. After sunset the street will be transformed into a free, futuristic twilight zone. Artist Saygin Soher uses the technology of video-mapping to produce 3D effects on a 200 m2 street wall. Visitors will also enter a 100m long audiovisual doppler effect by Light-artist Michel Suk, well known for his spectacular installations at GLOW Eindhoven.


Symposium with René ten Bos (NL) ‘Denker des vaderlands’

Professor in philosophy René ten Bos will be the keynote speaker of the symposium of TEC ART 2018. The theme ‘FUTURE FLASH 200’ is a reference to a historical date, the year 1818. It was the year Mary Shelley wrote her novel ‘Frankenstein’, about the iconic birth of the infamous cyborg, the prototype of human enhancement. But with ‘FUTURE FLASH 200’, TEC ART especially aims to explore the future. Together with René ten Bos we reflect on the impact of dataism, techno-humanism, wonder if organisms are just algorithms and if life is just a matter of data? And what is more valuable: intelligence or consciousness?


Kunstblock, Tech-party and SPACE BRAINS

TEC ART presents an extensive side-program. In collaboration with Kunstblock – consisting of TENT, Witte de With, Showroom MAMA and CBK Rotterdam – a joint evening is organized. Thursday night there will be a blasting ‘Machine-Music-Techno-Night’. And saturday February 10, space artist Daniela de Paulis and her engineers are present during the afternoon with COGITO. Visitors can have their brains scanned and send the result live into space through the Dwingeloo based radio-telescope!