Daniela de Paulis

In COGITO in Space, the brain activity of people visiting the exhibit will be recorded and transmitted into Space by the Dwingeloo radio telescope. Neuroscientists Stephen Whitmarsh (Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris) and Guillaume Dumas (Institut Pasteur, Paris), will be preparing each participant with the G.tec Nautilus 32 channels EEG cap, recording his or her brain activity while s/he is viewing a video of the Earth seen from Space through a VR reality headset. The video has been created in collaboration with film maker Sandro Bocci.
The brain activity will be transmitted into Space as a durational performance later in the evening on the 10 February. The performance/installation also includes: a live video streaming from the cabin of the Dwingeloo radio telescope, with radio operators of the CAMRAS organisation, a short documentary, showing the work in progress for the project and the visualisation of the sky map, towards which we will be transmitting the brain activity. COGITO in Space is a project by Daniela de Paulis.