De Haperende Mens


Haperende Mens is a Amsterdam based arts initiative which creates exhibitions, organizes concerts, develops research and instigates various projects in collaboration with artists, cultural organizations and creative partners.

Haperende Mens sees the fragility of life as a starting point and places coincidence, the unexpected and uncontrolled at a centre. These “haperingen” generate an incentive to grasp freedom and to reach over borders. Art isn’t being presented with cut-and-dried explanations, but as reactions to the subjectivity of daily existence.


presenting for TEC ART Symposium from the Haperende Men database:


Katja Vercouteren (tbc)

Initiator and curator of Haperende Mens,  bringing art, programming music and presenting and supporting artists and musicians. With a focus on innovative developments in society deriving from the actions, courage and risks from people at the frontiers of social conventions. These are the processes that can function as a germ for progression and change in both life and art and culture. Risk and non-conformism is characteristic to the artists and musicians presented by Haperende Mens.  The activities cause non-institutionalized art to find a place in the renowned arts circuit.


Menno Grootveld

Grootveld started doing pirate television in Amsterdam with PKP TV and Rabotnik TV in the early eighties. In the mid-80s he contributed in organizing major media-conferences, such as the European Media Festival in 1985, followed by the Wetware Convention (1991). Menno currently works as a translator and a journalist, and runs his own publishing house in Amsterdam.