Maartje Dijkstra



New manual 3D printed design with integrated technology by fashion designer Maartje Dijkstra.


Maartje Dijkstra is a Dutch fashion designer based in Rotterdam. The designs that she creates within her fashion label are spherical, interactive couture pieces, designed with the future in mind. Important elements within her individualistic work is that she combines innovative technology with unique embroidery techniques, bombastic shapes in design and special material use. To be able to create she uses the power of her own imagination, complexity and repetition in nature and loud/fast/dark electronic music as her biggest inspiration sources.

-Suspended Animation-2018 is the latest design of fashion designer Maartje Dijkstra in collaboration with music/multi media artist Beorn Lebenstedt. Suspended animation is a bizarre phenomenon and became a great inspiration to them while developing this interactive piece. It is a state in which life in a body is temporarily slowed down or stopped. Some animals such as hedgehogs, exist in a state of suspended animation during the winter. This special feature from nature was translated by bringing the dress alive, showing slow movements, almost a breathing / transforming effect. We used another fascinating element from nature -Nitinol, also known as a shape memory metal to apply this effect. The metal is connected to the manual 3D printed parts in the dress that will slowly change shape by using head.

Exhibited at TEC ART Rotterdam


The projection during the exhibition is made by video artist Noortje Stortelder.

Inspired by the structures in the work of Maartje Dijkstra she made this projection. Transformation is a keyword within her work; The transformation of material to human. In this video work the lines and planes of the structures relate to the organic.