Sad & Lonely


 S ∆ D シ & L 0 N E L Y ♨

A one-day festival about internet subcultures, ranging from music to visual aesthetics

Escape into a hyper-real plastic pastel-pink world; surf the cyan-blue waterfalls on displays with Windows 95 and befriend LED-lit busts of Helios. At this festival we indulge ourselves in cyber nostalgia, pay homage to various micro internet subcultures which emerged in the last decade and look forward to a bright and pixellated future…


Sat 10 Feb  14u30 – 03  0€  @ Foyer WORM (The Pirate Bay) 


~ Joshua Thies makes online radio waves with RAAR
~ Stoneys and Pleun Gremmen screen live visuals
~ Legowelt makes a new Shadow Wolf Cyberzine during an open workshop 
~ DJ’s ¥ung Forum x GG Ballin play elevator tracks
~ Jasper Boogaard plays Moomins inspired synth tracks as ‘Midwinter Bonfire’
~ Niek Hilkman will tell us about “Will VHS save the future?”
~ Florian Cramer teaches us about “Before and after The Great Meme War”
~ Zinzi Peters & Leroy Verbeet show us what “Gayporwave” is all about
~ Nimbus 3000 takes you into his retro-kitsch universe
~ Lunarboi surfs on the waters of Witch House & Darktrap
~ Bound Centre lights the party on fire with DJ’s; s x m b r a, Ice Viper & Victor Metze