Symposium with René ten Bos  ‘Denker des vaderlands’ (‘Thinker Laureate’) 

wed feb 7    20.30-22.30
“Future flash 200: from Frankenstein to Hyperbrain
@WORM Filmhaus


Professor in philosophy René ten Bos will be the keynote speaker of the symposium of TEC ART 2018.


The theme ‘FUTURE FLASH 200’ is a reference to a historical date, the year 1818. It was the year Mary Shelley wrote her novel ‘Frankenstein’, about the iconic birth of the infamous cyborg, the prototype of human enhancement. But with ‘FUTURE FLASH 200’, TEC ART especially aims to explore the future.

Together with René ten Bos we reflect on the impact of dataism, techno-humanism, wonder if organisms are just algorithms and if life is just a matter of data? And what is more valuable: intelligence or consciousness?



Special presentations by Frederik de Wilde, Hannes Andersson, Floris KaaykMenno Grootveld and Ine Gevers


Symposium moderator: Josephine Bosma



more guests and other participating artists form the TEC ART expo to be confirmed soon